Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Twenty-Ten!

Hello, world! It's 2010--a whole DECADE since the deadly Y2K bug! A whole DECADE since I've been legally able to drive! A whole DECADE since... well... a lot of things!
We didn't do anything for New Years' Eve. Can you believe it? Marc and I are already turning into old farts. We did at least stay up to welcome the new year, but that was all. No frills, no drinking, nothing. Ahh, oh how the times are changing.
It's strange to think how much I've changed since 2000. In 2000, I was a mere sophomore in high school. I was attending my first-ever public school and realizing that I'd been quite sheltered throughout most of my life. I was playing soccer (don't laugh!) and swooning over basically the entire boys' soccer team. That was also the year I left to attend boarding school and met my bestest friend.

10th Grade, before a choir concert

11th Grade; I couldn't actually play that guitar, unless you count the first part of "Dueling Banjos"

Freshman year of college

Junior year, by far the best year of college, I think

One of the first pics of me and Marc together, on my 22nd birthday

My first car accident

Look, we're making a heart!

Did you like our trip down memory lane? I like to dig up old pictures and show them off. Mainly because I like 9834683476 pounds smaller, but you know, whatever. :)
Oh, we went to Seoul today. There's a big Andy Warhol exhibit so we went with a couple of friends to see that, then we went to eat at On the Border (mmmmmm!) and saw Sherlock Holmes. It was a pretty good movie, although some parts dragged a little bit.
We kept getting shushed on the train. Apparently our waegook voices were just too loud. It was hard to hear over the train! Oh well. It was a nice day, all in all. Now my darling husband is torturing the cats with this toy that my dad sent them as a Christmas gift. It's just a feather and a ball attached to a little pole, but the kitties can play for hours. Sometimes we just prop it up somewhere and watch them go. Mewster's a little lazy though... he only plays if it actually comes to him. Elliot, however, will actually chase the thing.
Oi, long post. I've been rambling. Catch ya later, alligator.



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