Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(almost) 20 Weeks!

We had our (almost) 20-week ultrasound today, and it's definitely a girl! Marc and I have decided on the name Karinne Elise; it probably won't change, unless someone can give us an even better middle name. I also decided to finally get Marc to take some "belly photos" since I kinda look pregnant :)

I also feel like I should mention something besides the baby--my weight loss! Since October, I've lost about  50 pounds--and nearly 70 pounds since the last time most of you saw me. I've dropped about 20 pounds since I found out I was pregnant in December--that's right, I haven't gained ANY weight. Am I awesome or what? Of course, my OB hasn't said a word about it, but I'm taking her silence as a sign of approval. My blood pressure is also still looking good; it was lower today than at my previous 2 appointments, so I'm even happier about that.

Our next appointment is April 21, and that will be for my Level II ultrasound (high-res) and glucose tolerance test (their standard time to check for gestational diabetes). At that appointment I will also get copies of my medical records and my "safe to fly" note--most airlines don't require that until closer to the end of the pregnancy, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Then we leave Korea at 11am on April 25, and arrive in Dallas at 5pm on April 25!

obligatory "hand on the belly" photo
Right now I'm still wearing my regular pants, unbuttoned with a safety pin (and cutting into my stomach). I ordered some maternity jeans from eBay so hopefully I'll have them next week and then you won't see that dent in my tummy :) 

41 days until we're back in the USA!!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Birthdays and Things

Marc is 30!! Can you believe it? He says he's okay with it, that he's happy to not be a stupid 20-something anymore ;o) (I didn't take offense. You should meet some of his coworkers--oh dear God, it's embarrassing to be in the same age bracket as them.)

To celebrate, I made Marc's favorite - chocolate cake with white frosting. A friend on the US Army base bought some good old Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting for me, and I made lovely little cupcakes in our toaster oven. The cupcake pan I bought was too big for the oven, so I just put the paper cups on a regular flat baking sheet--some of the cupcakes were a little oddly-shaped, but it worked out because there was more surface area for frosting :) I failed to take ANY pictures, mainly because the apartment was a disaster.

That night we went out with a few friends and had some delicious galbi. Marc's gift came in the mail on Monday--I got him a Kindle and a nice purple cover for it (his favorite color). Between that and the baby that I'm cookin', I'm pretty sure I win Wife of the Year (Marc even said he would worship at my feet if I felt it was required).

T minus 57 days! And now we can say we're leaving Korea next month!

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