Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey there, Mr. Fish Head

So this weekend I was super busy. Ummmm, Friday night went out, Saturday worked in the morning and then went out for a friend's birthday, and then Sunday was the usual game day. Oh, and I cooked too. (Rae, I'm finally channeling my inner Martha Stewart!) 

We went to a really tiny Japanese restaurant for the birthday party, where we had delicious sushi, eel, and fish! Here's what's left of the sushi...

the eel...

and the fish!

Yes, it was a whole fish. Yes, that's the backbone. Yes, that's the tail AND the head! And it was all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! However, some of us were a bit inexperienced at eating the wholefishonaplate and just started sticking our chopsticks in. Then we noticed that a more experienced Korean was cutting out the backbone. Sooo.... yeah. Hahahahhaha. 

Later we moved on to a bar called BilliBowl... it's got darts, pool, drinks, food, and billibowl of course! What is billibowl, you ask? Let me show you... 

It's a combination of billiards and bowling (get it?). You put the little ball on the green area and shoot it like pool down the bowling lane. It's scored just like bowling also. It's incredibly difficult if you're totally inept at shooting pool (I finally got better right at the end). Here's the only pictures of me and Marc from the evening: 

Guess who?

Me and Ellen

Wow, I look like I'm plotting something terrible. Oh well. Over and out. (ha ha ha, I'm so funny!)



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