Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little disappointed

So, there's this blog I read sometimes, and the girl lives in Korea and she posts about her weight loss efforts and different tips and things; I usually read it when I'm looking for some motivation. Well, she posted yesterday that she hasn't posted in a while because she finally gave in and got weight loss surgery. She had the gastric sleeve done, which is where they basically cut out 85% of your stomach so you're left with a stomach the size of a banana. 

Now, I'll admit I've definitely thought about it--in Korea, it only costs about $7000 as opposed to $20,000 in the US. However, I would have to gain weight to qualify (although the restrictions here might not be as strict) and, the most important thing... I love food! Ah well, I guess I'll just keep on keepin' on. Just wanted to share.



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