Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I hate being cold.

Have I ever mentioned my distaste for cold weather? Well, just in case... I hate it. It's going to be pretty much at or below freezing all week and it makes my face hurt just thinking about it. I have, however, discovered a new love for roasted chestnuts. It's the only street food I've ever bought but I love it. There's this lady that sets up a cart just outside my school and I buy some everyday. They're all warm and soft and already peeled and it's just a perfect little winter snack. They also remind me of my mom just a little bit because the only time I've ever eaten chestnuts is when she made chestnut dressing for the holidays. (Speaking of which, it's getting to be *that* time of the year. Sigh.)

I leave you with these images (nope, didn't take the photos myself) of my new favorite Korean snack.



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