Monday, January 04, 2010


OMG!!11!1!!!!11!1!1!!!! IT LIKE, SNOWED! AND IT STUCK! AND THE WORLD DIDN'T END! HOLY CRAP, BATMAN!1!!!!!!1!1!11!1!11!111!!!!!!!11!11
Okay, that's done.
But it's true! It did snow today, and we got a couple of inches! It started around 10am maybe and it was still going at 12 when I was heading home. I wanted to take a taxi but traffic going towards the apartment was stopped dead, no signs of movement SO I ended up walking. It wasn't really a bad walk, but by the time I got home (about 30 minutes) I looked like a giant walking snowman. 
If you're not from Alabama, you might not understand the significance of my next statement. However. It was truly an amazing thing, how the world still functioned with snow on the ground. I mean, they've obviously brainwashed Alabamians into believing that snow=apocalypse. Well, my friends, if that is the case... then the apocalypse just happened a few hours ago. Fo' rillz.

Apocalypse NOW


Alright, so I'm a little tired now and I'm not even really sure what I'm saying anymore. I'm going to go "hit the hay" as they say, so C U L8RZ!



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