Monday, January 11, 2010


(Not really.)

Soooo, the new work month has started and I'm already beat! I am definitely ready for a vacation (Hello, Birmingham!). It's still cold here, I think maybe that has me a little bit down also. I really need to go to HomePlus and buy some food. Maybe tomorrow I'll force myself to do that. 

In other news, JACK'S COMING BACK ON SUNDAY!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I LOVE January! I'm ready for Jack to save us... I wonder what this day will bring? Will he save us from the clutches of a troubled economy? Or perhaps he'll just stage a coup and take over the presidency? I like that idea. Jack Bauer for president!

Also, does anyone watch "True Blood" on HBO? I got into it right at the end of last season and loved it. Marc bought me the book series for Christmas and I'm already on Book 6 (I just started them New Years' weekend). It's like "Twilight" for adults--no sparkly vampires and no cheesy romance! I also like the cover art... it's pretty kooky. Here's the first one (most of the "True Blood" inspiration comes from Books 1 and 2; I didn't find much similarity after that, which is fine by me). 

Well, as you could probably tell from my post, not much has really happened on this side of the globe. I'll try to think of something more entertaining to write about next time. 


Josh and Kate said...

Love your posts! We are trying to keep up with ours as well. Adding pictures using other computers besides our own has proved to be an adventure in itself. Glad to hear you are enjoying True Blood books..vampires are my fave :)


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