Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marc's blog (Korean branch) open for business

And before you ask, its the only branch in existence. Anyway, I'm finally settling down in Korea and have found some time, and the mind set, to start this blog so everyone can learn about how I'm doing. Obviously I've arrived safely, I have an apartment now and I start teaching tomorrow morning. I've gone through training and orientation and spent the remainder of my time here so far finding and moving into an apartment. Its a pretty spacious place, which is good because Christina will be joining me in February. I only have two pieces of furniture so far; a mattress I bought and a couch I found sitting in a parking spot of my building. Tomorrow I will be getting a few more things from teacher who has just finished his contract and is moving back home. I don't have Internet or a phone yet, though. Both I cannot get until I get my Alien Registration Card, which I probably won't receive for another week or so. I am currently sitting in an Internet cafe' to write this and these cafes are generally how I get online. I also have access to computers when I'm at the school. I have a few pictures I've taken here and there. I'll probably post them on facebook. They're mostly just random snapshots I've taken as I've moved about Seoul and Daegu. My cat, Mewster, is doing fine. I think he's happy to finally be out of crappy motel rooms and realize we're actually settling down in this new place. I don't have to box him up now every time I go out and I know he's happy about. So far, I think his favorite part of Korea is that the floors are heated. He seems very fond of just plopping down right on the floor and enjoying the warmth. I think that about covers a quick introduction. I'll try to make additional post about more specific aspects of Korea as time permits. Feel free to post comments and ask questions (I'm assuming that is possible on this site.) and I'll be happy to answer and respond.

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