Friday, January 29, 2010

Drama! and other tidbits.

Who knew it could be so much trouble just to go home? After much begging and pleading and demanding, I finally got a flight home for February 27th--it lands in Atlanta at freaking 10pm (meaning a 2.5 drive home) but it's better than the flight to Birmingham that leaves on February 28th with a total of 15 hours in layovers ("Oh, but it still arrives on the 28th since Birmingham's 15 hours behind us!"). Whatever. 

Now that I have the flight situation worked out (more or less), I just found out I have to be back in Korea by March 15th in order to start training on the 16th, meaning I have to leave Birmingham on the 14th (as opposed to the 19th). Sad. Oh well. At least I get to go home, unlike my poor husband. I keep forgetting just to be grateful for that :) 

Oh, and congratulations to my dad and Darlene, who will be married while I'm home! (This is the only picture I have of you guys, I need more pictures!)



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