Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hmm. I think I've officially become a wife. Yesterday I made homemade chicken stock and then broccoli soup. Why did I take on such demanding tasks, you ask? Well, my dears, it's because... **drumroll**... Swanson Chicken Broth is about $3.50 per 14oz can here in Korea. And that is just r-e-t-a-r-d-e-d.

I made the decision to do all this on Monday because it was so frickin' cold outside--I NEEDED some soup. I scoured the Internet looking for some yummy recipes that would be easy enough to make using ingredients I could easily find at HomePlus or Emart. The first recipe for chicken stock I found took like 4 hours to make, which was fine, but then I saw another one for stock that only took about an hour! However, it required using "neck, back, or leg pieces cut into 2-inch chunks. Your butcher can do this for you."

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but how do you say that in Korean? Sigh. I figured I'd just cross that bridge when I got to the store. Silly me, I should have remembered how much Koreans love their chicken pieces. As soon as I went to the poultry section I found already-cut neck, back, AND leg pieces. Woohoo! 

I immediately returned to my abode and joyfully threw together the most incredible and simple chicken stock known to man!

Okay, not really. I actually ended up getting stalked by an Indian man who seemed quite upset that I didn't speak Korean since he didn't speak much English. I think he stole my grocery list in retaliation. 

In any case, I was determined to cook all of this the next day. And I did. And it turned out fantabulously! My broccoli soup was also quite delish. I also plan on making Italian-inspired veggie soup, Asian-inspired veggie soup, and regular veggie soup (courtesy of WW 0-point recipes. Score!). 

So, who's coming over for dinner?



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