Thursday, April 08, 2010

Your love is like a river...

Does anyone remember that song? Wasn't it Backstreet Boys? *looking up in Google* Oops, no, it was 'N Sync, "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You." Crap, that's a long song title. And the line is, "Your love is like a river, peaceful and deep..."

Anyway, I was saying that I remember I used to change the line to say "Your love is like a river, murky and contaminated..." because 'N Sync was pure crap. Duh. Except that they were my guilty pleasure and I loved singing their songs really loud when I was alone. Them and Britney Spears, man. Of course, I eventually managed to find like-minded closet teeny boppers who listened to the same music in private. (It would have totally ruined our dork/hipster images if word got out that we listened to that crap.)

(Hey, remember when Britney was all cute and sweet and a positive role model for young girls? That lasted all of what, 20 seconds?)



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