Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jealous much?

We've been contemplating where to take our vacations this year. We've decided that we're really not "touristy" people, meaning that if given the choice, we'd really much rather be beach bums than walking all over looking at old stuff. We're going to be all touristy in Beijing in June, so our remaining trips will be random tropical locales.

So far, I'm 99% sure that we're going to Tioman Island, Malaysia in October. It'll cost a bit to get there, but it's super cheap to stay there and the food's not too much either. 

After that, possibly Thailand in January. We'll see. I feel like we need to see all these places while we're on this side of the planet and it costs less than $500 to go anywhere, as opposed to over $1000. 

We'll also be taking random weekend trips around Korea. We really need to get out and see more of what this country has to offer before we head back to America. Only 50 weeks to go! )J/k. I'm not really starting a countdown. Yet.)



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