Monday, December 29, 2008

First Month in the Bag

I have just finished teaching my last class of the month. All things considered, I think my first month went well. There are a lot of things I want to improve upon, but I don't think any major adjustments are needed. I think my students all liked me and I think they all learned and improved their English. There are a few students who I know have improved just by comparing them now and how they were at the first of the month. January sessions starts on the 2nd, so I have three days off til then. I really don't know what I'm going to do with the time. I don't have the money to travel or go anywhere exciting. I'll probably go to a movie at some point but I guess I'll be spending most of my time at home. It'll be boring, but I don't get my first paycheck until the 7th. Hopefully some of the teachers at my school will invite me out and provide ways to stay occupied. I'll definitely try to get people to go to the theater with me and maybe meet up for food here and there. I hope everyone has a happy New Year. There is a park not far from my apartment that supposedly has a big festival type thing for New Year's. There is even a giant bell they ring. It sits in a Asian looking pagoda type pavilion, or something. It looks cool though. Anyway, I may walk up there and hang out some if its not too cold. Until next time, take care.


Auntie L said...

Hi Marc! Happy new year! 2009 is going to be good. I feel it! We did not do a single thing for New Year's Eve. Elena babysat. Will did manage to stay up till midnight.

Yesterday, we all went to Pasadena to see the Rose Bowl floats on exhibit. But now we have a new definition of hell. Our journey turned into long lines to buy tickets and wait for a shuttle over to the exhibit, enduring a long crowded shuttle ride, walking to get into exhibit, big slow moving crowds, and the floats were ok but not THAT exciting... We did manage to squeeze in Chinese food in Chinatown on the way home.

Everybody starts back to school and work on Monday. It has been nice but lots of PJ's. My big task is to find a job which makes me very uneasy. I am not even sure there is a job out there.

January is my friend's favorite month because it is a nothing month. No events. So no expectations.

love you. xoxo

Kate Prados said...

Hola Marc! How is the weather over there? How are your new classes (you did start new classes, right?) ? Your brother works too much and does not play me at all! We are both exhausted from work but doing well. I am going to Birmingham this weekend and I was going to try to meet up with Christina..when does she go to Korea? I don't have her correct number, I don't think. Christmas was quite confusing when we were trying to call her--we kept trying the wrong number and finally got the right one but a little too late. We really miss you guys! Hope all is well. Have you done any sight seeing? Tell us about it!


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