Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Sorry its been a while since I've posted, but I guess there just hasn't been much to say lately. Teaching is going well, but I'm looking forward to next month and a new set of classes. The extra classes I'm teaching on Saturdays are going well too and I was asked this week if I would like to teach them again next month, so I am. (By the way, did anyone get the movie reference in the title of my last post?) Christmas here is actually kinda boring. Even though there is a large population of Christians in Korea, they do not celebrate Christmas like we do in America. They get the day off, but its mostly just seen as a excuse to go out with your girlfriend/boyfriend. So anyone who isn't currently in a relationship is bummed and the other students are just going out or visiting family. The school is having a free lunch buffet at a hotel for us tomorrow. So I'll at least have something to do. Maybe some of the teachers will want to go to a movie or something afterwards. I know several of them will want to go drinking and I'll probably join them, though not to drink to much just for something to do. Last weekend I saw Tropic Thunder with my friend Mike. I had seen it before with Christina when it came out in America, but it is so damn funny. There is only one scene that I don't like at all, but its only a few seconds long and at the end of the movie. I wish they'd just cut that scene out though. I won't spoil anything because you really should see it. Speaking of movies, I've been told that Twilight was really good so I may try to see that. Its out in theaters now here. I also really want to see Australia. I've heard it didn't get good reviews but I love Nicole Kidman and I like epic movies so I think maybe I'll like it. There is also a Jim Carey movie that just came out called Yes Man I think. I might be interested in seeing that. I'm going to talk to everyone at our teachers' meeting today and see if anyone is interested in going to a movie tomorrow. I really can't believe December is almost over. It never felt like Thanksgiving to me and it barely feels like Christmas. Its good though cause it means time is moving fast and Christina will be here before I know it. Anyway, again Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is having a great holiday!!


Auntie L said...

Dear Marc: Merry Christmas! I can only imagine how tough it is to be far away from all at Christmas. We went to visit Bill's family a couple of hours away today and even though I enjoyed seeing them, I just really wanted to be in my own house on Christmas eve. We are home now and everyone is going to sleep so Santa can come. It will be slim pickings this year and who knows what 2009 will bring but I am SO grateful for what I have at this moment. Trite but true in lots of ways. AND guess what? Santa is bringing Will a Unicycle. Weird, but that is what he wanted...??? He'll break another limb now.


Elena Lacey said...



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