Sunday, December 07, 2008

Chillin' in Daegu

And I mean that literally. Its freezing here. According to its currently 24 F, and its been a similar temperature all day. Yesterday morning it snowed. Nothing stuck because it hadn't been that cold until Friday, but it was still cool to see. Anyway, I have finally found the time to arrange my furniture and completely unpack my bags. Clothes are now hung up or in drawers and books and other nik-naks are on my book case. I even got myself a cheap TV and have hooked up my Xbox. Still no internet or phone, but hopefully I'll get my Alien Card this week and can then work on setting those up. I taught today at the school where Christina will be working. The students were middle and high school students but they weren't that bad. I've been told that usually that school teaches older people but on Saturdays they have a 4 hour seminar for school kids. It was broken up into 5 periods and I mostly taught a different set of kids each period. Steven, who works at my school, was also teaching the seminar and he gave me a ride home afterwards and invited me out later. That was really cool, because since I have no phone the only way for me to know about things like that is first hand. The bar was very close to a part of town I know well so it was easy to understand how to get there. I walked up later in the night and got dinner on my way. It was nice to get out a bit. I played some pool and some poker and had a couple of beers. He was nice enough to buy them for me since my budget is so tight til I get January. Anyway, I walked away winning 10k Won from poker games so it was a pretty good night. Back to talking about my apartment, I think I'm pretty set. My fridge is cleaned and plugged in and tomorrow I am planning on going to my local grocery and buying a few cheap dishes. After that I should have everything I need to make it til Christina gets here. That's good because my first paycheck is going to be my smallest. A couple of deposits have to be taken out, plus rent, which will be high until Christina gets here to add her housing allowance. Anyway, I think I'm settling in nicely. Mewster seems quite happy with everything and my co-workers are all very friendly and helpful. Please feel free to post comments in order to ask questions. Or just comment period. I feel like no body is listening when there aren't any comments to prove otherwise. Anyway, its really late so I should be going, I just didn't want to have to walk to a internet cafe tomorrow in order to post something.


Christina said...

It was pretty cold here last night, but no snow :( How cheap is the tv? Are we going to have to get a better one when i get there?? Love you!

Josh said...

Hey Bra,
I would love to hear about some of the food you have eaten. Any Korean BBQ? I am sure they call it something else in Korea. It was one of my favorite things to eat when I lived in Los Angeles. Usually there is a gas grill in the middle of the table and you cook you own meats and vegetables. The best part is the assortment of little condiments that you get-kimchee being the greatest of all. Have you had any kimchee yet? You also have to look into Soju. I think it is the national spirit of Korea or something. Sort of like vodka I guess, but I think it is made from sweet potatoes. Hope you are warm and well. Talk to you soon.

Steel Magnolia said...

I'm listening...I just can't think of any questions. :)

Kate Prados said...

Hi Marc! I want to know more about how Mewster is doing--I think it is pretty cute how he lays around on the heated floor. Does he eat Korean cat food? Do they have any kitty kimchee?

Manly said...

If I remember right, I think kal-bi is the Korean BBQ that Josh is referring to. The shit I've had was good as hell although not as authentic as what he described, or what you'll have available there, for that matter. I'm looking forward to the longer food post.


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