Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zoltar Speaks! (Part IV of my Apt in Pictures)

Some of you have asked questions in your comments and if those were about food they were already answered.  However, if they were not, now is the time.  Your wish is granted!  
(Caption: My bed room.  You can see my computer in the bottom right corner.  There is one apartment pic left, but my camera's batteries have died so it will have to wait.)
First we have Kate from New Orleans, LA.  She was concerned about Mewster's diet.  So far he is still eating American cat food.  I brought a lot with me.  Eventually he too will have to make the switch to Korean bought food.  I have yet to see kitty kimchee, though I imagine Mewster's pickiness would stop him from eating it.
Next up is Elena from Manhattan Beach, CA.  She has several questions about my students.  First, I'm not sure if taking pictures of them is allowed or not, I haven't really given it thought. My students are mostly college students and business people.  I have gotten to know a few of them a little, but classes are monthly so they will all change up soon.  I've been hesitant to get too friendly, but I think that's mostly because I'm used to teaching middle and high school students and you typically don't want to be friends with them because you have to be the disciplinarian in class.  To answer her last question, I wouldn't say I have got any favorite students but I guess I do like some more than others.
Our last guess is Rachel from Birmingham, AL.  She is concerned about the quality of the Korean beer I have mentioned.  They do have quality imports that vary depending on where you go to drink.  I do not know about high quality Korean beer though.  I've been busy and always short in funds so I've been generally staying away from expensive items.  Perhaps I will know more after my first paycheck in January.  I will do my best to keep you updated.  Oh, and I'm not afraid of competing for my wife's attention.  I know who will win that battle.  :-) Especially since she's hung out with you more lately than she has with me.
That's all the unanswered questions I believe.  Focusing now on updating everyone about myself, this is my first post from my apartment.  I finally got my Alien Registration card this week and was able to get internet and digital cable set up at my place.  I also got a bank account today and a cell phone.  I am really beginning to feel like I live here now, however I still don't think that feeling will be total until Christina arrives.  
Teaching is going well, I am adjusting to the differences well and feel like I'm getting close to finding my style for teaching English to Koreans.  I can navigate the city pretty well, though the real test will come when I find the time to take the buses to places on the outskirts of the city.  (Temples, hot springs, mountain hikes, etc.)  I'll even be getting my own business cards soon.  Anyway, because this is a public blog, I will pass out my phone numbers through email.  Just write me if you'd like them and I haven't gotten around to giving it to you yet.  Take care everyone.


Auntie L said...

'sounds like you are truly settling into life there.
Elena got into Rice! She is really excited. She is a bit sad about Tulane and New Orleans.
Will's been sick all week. He's totally pathetic.
I've played nurse all week.
Bill returns from Abu Dhabi today.
We are actually having weather here in California: BRRRRR....


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