Monday, January 19, 2009

Oops, sorry for not writing

Simply put, I've been busy. I got my new schedule for the month and it is good. I have two writing classes which I really like and then several lower level classes which could be a lot worse. I finally got my first paycheck. It wasn't as much as I hoped, but that was because I had to pay two months rent from it, Dec. and Jan. But on the up side, my last paycheck won't have any rent on it. Anyway, I'm doing well and even cooked in my apartment for the first time a few days ago. It was just some spaghetti, but it was still cooking. I am currently on a hunt for cat food. I'm trying to find a way to buy some in bulk so its cheaper. Plus Mewster is a bit picky so I don't want to get him some random, god knows whats it it, Asian made stuff. No offense to Asians, but in the past they have been more prone to eating cats then to feeding them as pets. Next weekend is the Lunar New Year. I am going to go skiing on Sunday. I found a place that rents skis for 10,000 won, ski pants and jacket for 10,000 and the bus trip there, back and the lift tick for the day is only 56,000 won. So that's just under 80 bucks for a day of skiing. I think its a pretty good deal. Hopefully I'll get the lay of the land there well and then I can take my wife up there and teach her to ski. (She's going to love it too...or else) Things are going really well here. Work is going great, I'm getting along with my co-workers and getting to know my many students too. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well too and I'll try not to be so long between now and my next post.


Auntie L said...

dear marc: 'hope skiing was fun. Not too cold? great scenery?

Nothing new here. I am still cruising websites looking for part time work. But I think my heart is not too in it because there are several routes I have not tried yet. So many positions are full time and I am not wanting that for now. AND so many require knowledge of computer programs that I do not know and don't care to know. Part of me is not quite ready to go back yet I guess.

Bill left for Mexico, Elena went to Venice Beach, Will went to play tennis. It is a slow Sunday.

Papa gave me some milkweed plants last spring and I have several caterpillars now. It is very exciting and Will gets SUCH a kick out of it. He calls it our ranch.

Considering how bad the economy is here is LA, I think you are in the right place! Christina will be there before you know it and it will seem more like a "home."
Hey how about some ski photos.



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