Friday, December 12, 2008

Korean Alcohol (Part II of my Apt in Pictures)

The much anticipated follow up to Korean food is now here, Korean Alcohol! This will be a much shorter post because I have only had a few unique drinks here. I know there are a few more to try, but I have not yet. (Caption: Opening my apartment door.) I'll start with Soju. Soju is a weak liquor. I would guess its taste is closest to Vodka, but it isn't as strong. I'm not sure what its alcohol content is but it comes in little green bottles. You drink it by the shot and you drink a lot of it in big groups. Everyone in Korea drinks it and if they were to have a national drink, Soju would be it (For all I know it actually is their National Drink). Its not bad really, but its dangerous because you can easily loose track of how much you've had and its so easy to down a shot of it. There are three Korean beers that I know of. I would compare them to Bud Light, Coors and similar types of beer in the States. They are Cass, Hite and Max. I've tried Cass and Hite. There really isn't a big difference and its just like drinking any light beer in America really. Neither of them are bad, but neither of them are special in anyway either. (Caption: Official apartment sentry, must pass inspection for entry.) That's really all I got on Korean drinks. They like tea alot. I've seen buckwheat tea, one or two other teas that are similar and of course green tea and all those other kinds I know nothing about. (I don't like tea). The sodas here taste a bit different. They have Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and such but I think they are all made with Cane sugar instead of Fructose Corn syrup. They are also cheaper here than in the states so I'm assuming they are all made nearby and not imported into the country. Speaking of cokes, they like to serve them as a desert in many restaurants. Anyway, that should about cover it for what I know of Korean foods and drinks at the moment. I hope you are liking the pictures, I was finally able to trick Mewster into looking at the camera for once. Thanks for all the comments.


Auntie L said...

Dear Marc: I forgot to check in on the blog so I had a bit to catch up on. I love the Mewster photo! and the apartment photos.

Bill is leaving for Dubai tomorrow. I have to attend a christmas party without a date yet again.

Elena is working another play.

Will had a winter concert at school this week and of course Bill was out of town so I had to tie Will's tie. (they wear white shirts with black ties for concerts.) BUT I forgot HOW to tie a tie and I started to laugh. Well, Will began losing it..Just like an obnoxious teenager. I had to beg him to not to go to the dark side and stay a sweet little kid for just a bit longer...

I am scrambling trying to finish up the christmas shopping.

Aunt Linda


Rachel said...

I'm glad that Mewster made it into this entry and not the one before... about food.

Surely there has to be good beer. Is this your way to get me to stay here and not come take your wife's time by visiting? (because it's obviously all about the beer)

Elena said...

are you allowed to take pictures of the students!? what are they like? do you have any favorites (just kidding... kinda)? are you getting to know any of them??

Elena said...

oh and dont eat dogs


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