Thursday, February 11, 2010

16 Days!

It's been a few days, but honestly not much has been going on. (And it least it's just a few days as opposed to few months.) I'm excited to go home; however, I'm not so excited about the flight. I leave Daegu around 7:30am on the 27th, and I'll arrive in Atlanta around 9:30pm that night. Now at first glance that doesn't seem so bad--only 14 hours. HOWEVER. Add 14 hours, and you learn that I will be traveling for 28 hours; that doesn't include arriving at the airport around 6:30am and then the 2.5 hour drive home from Atlanta. Oh well, at least I'll be home :) 

I ordered some "No Jet Lag" so I can maximize my time, especially since I'll be making the trip twice in 2 weeks. I heard good things about it from a coworker and I was able to find a retailer in Hong Kong so it was cheap to order it. 

Alright, so, officially I will be available February 28-March 13 (27th and 14th are travel days). I start training for my new job on March 16th, so no time to really recover from the flight--but that's okay, because I will have NO JET LAG! Hopefully.



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