Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So. Remember that whole "we're going to see Avatar tonight in IMAX 3D!" thing that I mentioned earlier? Well.

Our movie started at 8:45 and since the theaters here have assigned seats, we mosied on up around 8:40. We were told to wait, the manager was coming. Hrm. Ok. Well, the manager came up and we walked over with a small group of 5-6 people--of course we had no idea what was going on. After a couple of minutes, the other people in the group disappeared into the theater and we were left standing out like the poor little waegookins that were are.

Well, after about 10 minutes (I guess they were looking for their best English-speaker) someone finally told us that the movie was broken and did we want to see it on the normal screen or get a refund. We got a refund (especially since the IMAX tickets are $16 each! Twice the regular movie price. ).

Now, this normally wouldn't be so bad, except that A) we already tried to see it yesterday, and B) we wasted 2.5 hours that could have been spent at home, relaxing. Oh well. Hopefully the IMAX movie will be working again soon and we can see it.



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