Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring is HERE!!!

Spring is FINALLY here! I thought winter would never end---whew. I was quite tired of the freezing mornings and cold afternoons. Marc and I had started taking taxis everywhere, and since the base fare just jumped to W2200 (about $1.65 as of today) it was getting a tad expensive. However, yesterday and today were BEAUTIFUL, so here's hoping it stays like this :)
Marc and I went to a baseball game yesterday--go Samsung Lions! Teams here are not associated with cities, but with companies, even though the teams are from specific cities--like the Samsung Lions are from Daegu. But they're not the Daegu Lions. They're the Samsung Lions. Okay, enough of that. I have pictures!
Here we are waiting for the subway to take us to the stadium. It's only crowded because this is the transfer station. Usually there are not that many people waiting for the subway. 
As you can see, Marc is brimming with excitement. This is Marc's excited face. He's super-excited about going to the baseball game. I'm just excited to be going somewhere.
Now we're outside the stadium. Of course, lots of vendors selling all kinds of Korean yummies--dried fish, flattened squid, fried chicken. Mmm nom nom nom. We're so going to get hot dogs and beer! We can eat dried peanut butter squid any day of the week--it's hot dog time!
Wait, this is Korea. Apparently you only get hot dogs and beer at American baseball games. So we settled on water and fried chicken. And then ice cream. Here I am after realizing you can't get real hot dogs at Korean baseball games. 
That's my fake smile. I'm actually completely angry and ready to throw down some Koreans. Me Hulk! Hulk Angry! **Oooh, Baseball!**
Okay, so it was a pretty warm day. The sun was beating down on us, and I even got a little sunburned. I think this is a good time to mention that Koreans are not big on sunglasses. They prefer hats. Not just any hats, though. No, they must wear special edition Baseball Visors! As you can see in the picture below, they can be purchased at the baseball game and they are the perfect unisex gift! They even come in different colors--Dorothy Blue, and Sandy Tan!
Also very stylish in Korea this time of year is the Newspaper Hat. It's a hat that looks like a newspaper that's been folded into a hat! You can also opt to wear it casually laid across the top of your head, as the young couple pictured below has chosen to pair with their dressy baseball-day attire of a suit for him and a dress with heels for her.
Finally, we have the traditional Baseball Hat. Go Red Sox!
All in all, it was a good day. The Samsung Lions beat the LG Twins 5-3, and Marc and I got out and had some fun. 
Oh, and we decided next time we're getting lunch on the way to the game at this place: 
I know, I found Subway! I'm so excited! Okay, I'm out.


Kate Prados said...

Hello! I was very excited when I came to look at your blog and realized there were 3 new ones I had not read yet! They were even better. Christina I think you should ditch the sunglasses and start wearing visors too. I will do it here in New Orleans and see what people say...maybe everyone will catch on. Nothing new here either-Josh and I are still just working a lot. Yesterday we had a high of 84 degrees with 100% humidity and I wished it was winter again :) We both have off today and tomorrow so we can celebrate our birthdays. Today we decided that we are taking a taxi to the French quarter at 11:00am and start bar hopping. Who doesn't like a day full of drinking cocktails for birthday fun! woohoo! We love you. Talk to you soon.


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