Monday, April 27, 2009

Is There Such a Thing as Creative Chocolate?

Since our trip to Gyeongju, things have been quiet for Marc and I. Things have been a little mundane for the past week or so, but I'll try to hit some high points.
I teach a class on Saturdays for Intermediate-Advanced speakers. There are usually 3 students but last weekend I only had 2. We decided to venture out to a traditional tea room; I truly wish I'd had my camera that day because we went to this picturesque small little village and the tea room was attached to an art gallery. I thought about taking pictures with my  phone, but I don't think it would have done it justice. I never liked hot tea in the US, but I'm really starting to like it here. I think it's because they don't use tea bags here--the tea is just different. They love sweet potatoes here, and served a giant plate of roasted sweet potatoes with the tea. They were smaller than I'm used to seeing, and yellow instead of orange on the inside. They're very sweet, and you just eat them like a carrot... kind of. I tried to find a picture online, but no such luck. 
We also went to another baseball game; however, this one sucked and we left in the middle of the 7th inning (score was already 13-4) and went to E-Mart (think SuperTarget, only better). Here I bought some hair dye and I'm finally back to my natural dark brunette. It might be slightly darker, but it looks good--apparently everyone thinks so. And now I guess I also look Korean from the back :) Unfortunately I screwed up and somehow missed a perfectly square patch of hair on the side of my head, so for a week I had to wear my hair pinned back to cover it up until I could get more hair dye. I finally got more hair dye and when I started mixing the dye I got ahead of myself and mixed the "protective serum" into the developer cream instead of the hair color. Sigh. Fortunately my husband loves me and he ran out to a nearby convenience store and bought MORE hair dye and now my hair is perfect! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but I will soon, I promise!
Other than that, we've just been working, sleeping, and watching Lost. Marc has not seen the first 4 seasons, but he's become addicted while watching the current season with me so he downloaded all the episodes. He (We) watched the entire first season in TWO days! We didn't really do anything on Sunday so he started watching it around 10 or 11am, and I think he stopped watching it around 1am. (And you wonder why we're so tired?) 
Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks: 
Here we are at the SeaHouse, which is supposed to be an "amazing" seafood buffet. However, at a price of about $25 per person, it was not "amazing". In fact, it was the opposite of "amazing". 
Sweet, baby Elliot.
This is not a red light district. It is, however, a district with a lot of lights.
What's that in the distance? Is that a giant "E" for E-Mart (or E-Mah-tuh) that I see?? It is, it is!
We also like to visit Bennigan's here about once a week; they have fantastic cheese fries and and a sandwich called the Monte Cristo. Mmmmm.
And there you have our lives in a nutshell. Au revoir!



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