Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can I Ask You a Personal Question?

Or better yet... 
Student A: Can I ask personal kestion? 
Me: Sure.
Student A: Have you tried diet? 
Student B: **Gasp!**
Me: Eh? (and thinking, "Crap, here it comes...")
Student A: Have you tried diet? I think you are so fat and must be unhealthy. You should eat Korean food.
Student B: **GASP!!**
Me: I eat Korean food.
Student A: How many hamburger you eat in week?
Me: 1 or 2.
Student A: Ah. You try Korean diet. Much healthy than hamburger.
Because, you know, eating hamburgers makes people fat. Nothing else. Just hamburgers. I'm aware that I'm overweight. I don't need a woman who probably wears about a size 2 giving me diet tips. (Speaking of which, I've already lost 2 pants sizes since coming to Korea. Woohoo!)
I wanted to tell this student that her question was very inappropriate and if she asked that to people when she traveled she should be prepared for a good punch in the face, but I didn't. I see her once a week in my Saturday class, and it's just not worth the hassle. Especially since she's like 45 and probably won't change her ways anytime soon. 
Have I mentioned that most clothing stores here don't carry anything above a size MEDIUM? I went into Gap with Marc to find a belt for him and noticed their ladies clothes only go up to size 8. EIGHT. 
End rant.
Marc and I went to a touristy place today. I'll post pictures later, but right now it's bedtime. Goodnight!



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