Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Frequent Posting, Batman!

I know, try not to pass out--more than one post in a week! I told you I was going to work on posting more, I just had to get into my groove. 
I've been sick for 3 days--not fun. It's just a cold, but it's a bad cold. It's actually a "Korean cold", as I was told by one of my Korean coworkers (and subsequent Koreans agreed to the terminology as well). Something about germs and I'm just not used to the Korean germs. In any case, I feel pretty crappy and my nose is so red and gross from blowing it all the time that I'm pretty sure I look pretty crappy also. However, today was the last day of the teaching month so that's good. Classes will start again on Thursday; normally we would have tomorrow off, but we have to go to a teaching workshop from 9-3--at least we don't have to be there at 6:30, so we do get to sleep in. 
Now for some pictures! Here is an example of some of my teaching....
I know, you're impressed. Here I am explaining present vs present continuous verb tenses to my level 2 speaking class. Oh, and here they are! I have 2 level 2 classes, 6:30 and 7:30am. There are usually about 11 students in the 7:30 class, but only a few showed up the day I was taking pictures.
Here are some of my level 3 classes. I have 2 more, but I didn't have my camera for the other two. The 3 ladies in the first picture are very interesting--they gave me low scores on my class evaluations (all of my other classes apparently love me) but they always bring me things--coffee, chocolate--today they even brought sandwiches! I just can't figure them out. The second picture is my favorite class--the girl hardly ever shows up, but the guy, Gary, actually WANTS to learn English. Right now he's reading Harry Potter and he also listens to an English radio station, so he always brings his books to class to have me help him decipher different phrases and idioms. 
Oh, so I heard something funny the other day. In Korea, the name for a married woman is "ajumma" and as they get older they can be characterized by their short, curly hair, sun visor, faux athletic wear, and a serious attitude. The attitude comes from the age thing--Korea is big on respect for elders--and since they are married and have had children, they have more life experience, etc. Basically, they deserve all respect because they've been through it all. They tend to be pretty tough cookies, a force to be reckoned with--you don't want to mess with these little ladies! 
Oh, so yeah, the funny thing. One of my students told me that Korea has 3 genders--male, female, and ajumma. So it's good to know that all Koreans are afraid of them, not just foreigners :) 
So that's all I've got for now, time to shower and get ready to go back to work. 


Auntie L said...

hi Christina: Nothing new here. Elena is winding down her school year. Will came back alive from 6th grade science camp. AND..Very wonderfully chatty blog. Elena and I both love the photos. I am glad you haven't been nuked. I casually mentioned to Chere about the US military cruising your way and she was quite emphatic that I not be so flippant. ...OOOPS, I forgot your proximity! Of course you are safe! We love all four you! We send you our best.


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