Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's that you said? Oh, right. Nothing.

After I left the gym today, I was waiting for a taxi (I didn't feel like walking 30 minutes in the cold rain) when I saw an ambulance and 2 fire trucks with sirens wailing coming down the road. Then they just stopped in the middle of the road, no apparent reason. Then I saw it... someone trying to cross the road in front of 3 emergency vehicles ON A BICYCLE, not even at a crosswalk! Not to mention they already had to wait in line behind cars at a stoplight because nobody would get out of their way.


I was going to post a video that I made, but I'll have to work on it. I tried posting to YouTube first, but I can't because I haven't verified my real name in Korea yet. Or something like that. Then I looked up how to post directly to Blogger and supposedly I should have a little video icon on this editing toolbar to do so, but alas I do not. Maybe it's because I'm using Safari or something like that. I'll figure it out, don't worry. 



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