Saturday, March 20, 2010

Home Sweet Korea

Alright, I'm back. I've taken a long enough hiatus, I think, and it's time to get back on the blogging track. My trip home was very nice, very nice indeed. I spent way too much money on silly things like clothes and deodorant and taco seasoning mix, but it's all worth it. Unfortunately I was unable to fit my winter jackets into either of my suitcases, which was quite unfortunate--indeed--since it's still winter apparently in Korea.

(I like to say unfortunate[ly] and indeed. Indeed.)

I posted my pictures on Facebook, so I'm not going to post them all again here. Sorry, but I'm just that lazy.  You should just go look at Facebook. My profile name is Christina BlahBlah Prados, in case you forgot my name or something while I was gone. So anyway, while I was home I enjoyed such delicacies as J. Alexander's, The Melting Pot, Taco Bell (!!!!!!1!), Sol Azteca, Los Compadres, Iguana Grill, Superior Grill, Brio, Flip Burger, California Pizza Kitchen, Formaggio's, Bob Sykes' Barbeque, Jim 'n Nick's, Purple Onion, and Al's. I failed to eat at Five Guys and the Pita Cafe, sadly. I love Mexican food.

Oh, so Flip Burger is this pretentious place at the Summit that calls itself a "burger boutique". I went with Rachel and Adam; I got a chorizo burger, Rachel had a raw tuna burger, and I don't remember what  Adam got. In any case, here's a picture of the menu:

Do you SEE that abomination??? A "korean bbq" BURGER??!??!?!??? Are you SERIOUS???!?!?!??!!111! First of all, the thought of kimchi ketchup and "pickled veg. crispy tempura onion" just makes me want to hurl all over the menu, but then...What the hell is an "american wagyu beef patty"? (According to Wikipedia, it's Japanese Kobe beef. That just angers me more, since it's not even Korean. If they really wanted a korean bbq burger, they would have used bulgogi meat. Whatever. Pretentious.) Ugh. I'm horrified all over again just thinking about this "burger".

Here are our pretentious "burgers":

Right, so, everything else about the trip was great. Dad got married, and I got to see all of my homies. We ate a lot of food and drank lots of beer. Then I had to come back to Korea. The flight was torturous and I was totally exhausted when I finally made it to the apartment, but I was happy to see my husband and kitties again. Only like 365 days or something until we're back in America. Until then, we can look forward to a trip to Beijing, visits from Rachel (and Adam?), Dad and Darlene, and possibly Kelli (my sister). And then a trip around SE Asia or Thailand or maybe even India. I really want to see Thailand and India.

Oh, we went to see Alice in Wonderland last night with a friend of our, and lo and behold--

A sign in Korea advertising KEBAB! We searched, but could not find where this was being sold. It's probably better anyway, considering I'm pretty sure that's not actually kebab meat, but sausage. Sigh.



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