Monday, March 01, 2010

EPIC Journey, Part Three

Well my flight to Dallas was pretty comfortable, despite the window seat. I watched "Up in the Air" while waiting for dinner, then right after dinner my seatmate said, "Goodnight!" and I said, "Goodnight!" as I took 2 of my Equate Nighttime Sleep Aid pills--at that point there were about 9.5 hours left on the flight. Next thing I knew, I was smelling breakfast smells and woke up to find there were only 1.5 hours left! My seatmate was like, "Wow, I think I slept through the entire flight!" and I said, "Yeah, me too!" (We were really excited because it made the 11.5 hour flight feel like 3-4 hours.)

Got to Dallas, found my way to the gate, then jumped on the plane to Atlanta and slept on that flight. The guy in front of me was telling the people next to him how he started traveling 26 hours earlier, and I refrained from one-upping him with my 30-hour ordeal because he was returning from Air Force duty and it just didn't seem right ;)

Got to Atlanta, finally found Dad and Darlene and we ate some crappy (but delicious!) Chinese food at the airport, then piled into the hot rod Camaro and drove home. This guy driving an older Camaro kept trying to get Dad to race him, and Dad punched it one time and smoked him :) Ahh, men and their toys.

After we got home I ended up staying awake until like 4:30am because I was so wound up, and I woke up today at 12:37pm with a headache and puffy eyes. Now my headache's gone but I still have puffy eyes and stuffy nose. Oh well. Aw, and there was cake and a welcome home sign waiting when I got here--I'll take pictures later and post them. Feels good to be home.



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