Tuesday, April 12, 2011

23(ish) Weeks!

Yep, the 23-week mark kinda came and went (last Friday), but I decided I should make a post anyway--especially since it's less than 2 weeks until we're on our way home! It's really hard not to just jump for joy whenever I think about it. Yesterday, in a very flat tone, Marc said, "I'm trying not to get too excited just yet."

We went to Seoul last weekend to sell our books to the big English bookstore there, and then we just hung out all day. I wanted to take pictures, but I forgot to charge my camera battery before we left (and it doesn't take regular batteries) so, no pictures. I really want some pictures of me NOT in front of the refrigerator...

So, one of the benefits of being from the US (or Canada) and working in Korea is the pension. We pay into the National Pension fund with every paycheck, and our employers match it. However, the US and Canada have deals in place with the Korean government that allows us to get aaaaaalll that money back when we leave Korea. Marc and I went to the pension office last week to arrange to get our pensions after we leave, and we should receive it all some time in June. I (heart) Korea!

We've also started selling our stuff--it's nice just to make a few bucks before we leave. I've sold lots of clothes and now we're working on selling furniture and whatnot. I really cannot believe how much we have stuffed into this apartment. I'm hoping that we're able to sell mostly everything... whatever doesn't sell we basically "give" to Moonkkang. They furnish the teachers' apartments, but since we already had our own stuff from working at YBM (who didn't provide ANYTHING), we only got a couple of things from MK.

In baby news, Karinne has started kicking up a storm. From about 18-22 weeks I was just feeling flutters and little "pushes", but the other night she started kicking HARD! I could feel it on the outside, so Marc tried to feel it too but she wouldn't kick him that hard. I'm just happy that I don't have to wonder if it's gas anymore--I can definitely tell that these are baby kicks!


Jordynn said...

You're getting kicks?! Aw that's so great. Congrats!

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