Thursday, March 03, 2011

Birthdays and Things

Marc is 30!! Can you believe it? He says he's okay with it, that he's happy to not be a stupid 20-something anymore ;o) (I didn't take offense. You should meet some of his coworkers--oh dear God, it's embarrassing to be in the same age bracket as them.)

To celebrate, I made Marc's favorite - chocolate cake with white frosting. A friend on the US Army base bought some good old Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting for me, and I made lovely little cupcakes in our toaster oven. The cupcake pan I bought was too big for the oven, so I just put the paper cups on a regular flat baking sheet--some of the cupcakes were a little oddly-shaped, but it worked out because there was more surface area for frosting :) I failed to take ANY pictures, mainly because the apartment was a disaster.

That night we went out with a few friends and had some delicious galbi. Marc's gift came in the mail on Monday--I got him a Kindle and a nice purple cover for it (his favorite color). Between that and the baby that I'm cookin', I'm pretty sure I win Wife of the Year (Marc even said he would worship at my feet if I felt it was required).

T minus 57 days! And now we can say we're leaving Korea next month!



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